Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

Left unattended, roof leaks threaten your health and safety. Count on One Alliance Roofing for emergency repair services on a 24/7 basis. Our expertise prevents the need for costly future repairs resulting from poor workmanship.

Emergency Roof Repair in the GTA

Even with the GTA’s predictable and moderate weather, the inevitable can occur when we least expect it. A sudden snowstorm, a kitchen fire, thunderstorms, a series of strong winds, or even your neighbour’s tree collapsing can all put a hole in your roof, as well as your wallet.

Left unattended, a damaged roof is a ticking time bomb:

  • Your house will have insulation problems
  • Water damage works its way throughout the entire roof and into your house’s interior
  • Maintenance requirements
  • After seeping through the roof, water makes its way to your many valuables
    • Water damage done to electronics, artwork, and even furniture is irreversible
  • Most concerning are mould and condensation that develop on your foundation…your entire building could collapse!

When you discover a roof leak:

  • There’s no need to panic!
  • Perform “first aid” on your roof
    • Place a bucket (or other container) under the leak to collect water
      • You may wish to place a small object inside the container, so the water does not make noise while collecting
    • Find the leak’s centre point. Take a screwdriver and puncture the ceiling- right at the middle of the affected area
      • Doing so allows steady water drain, relieving pressure away from the rest of the roof
  • Avoid the urge to climb atop your roof to examine the situation or attempt repairs
    • Falling will result in serious injury!

Remember that One Alliance Roofing is just a phone call away, and we are available 24/7. Once the weather permits, One Alliance Roofing immediately sends technicians to your property to stabilize the situation and determine future repair needs.

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