Attic Venting

Attic Venting

A house without proper attic ventilation will affect your air quality, place undue stress on heating and cooling systems, and leave you with expensive energy bills. Call upon One Alliance Roofing to determine your home’s unique ventilation needs.

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You may wonder: why does my attic need ventilation?

  • Just like you, your home needs to breathe!
    • Attic venting enables your house to “exhale” hot, moist air and intake fresh, cold air
  • Correct venting makes your roof last many years longer
    • Having proper ventilation is often required to ratify your roof’s warranty
    • Overheated attics can “cook” your shingles, speeding up your roof’s wear and tear
  • In the winter, appliances that use water- namely your stove, bath, washing machine, among others- release moisture into the room
    • Without good ventilation, the moisture will collect and soak through insulation, forcing your heater to work much harder and use more electricity
    • The same moisture works its way into your house’s structure, resulting in rotting and cracking
      • In extreme cases of structural decay, your entire house may need rebuilding
  • In the summer, good venting allows heat to escape from your attic, helping to cool the entire house

Signs of poor ventilation

Your home needs just the right amount of ventilation- no more, no less- to function at its best. Is it time to have a professional check out your home’s ventilation system?

  • Your house feels stuffy, even after trying every adjustment on the thermostat
  • Your house is unbearably hot in the summer, with or without the air conditioning turned on
  • In the winter, icicles (ice dams) have formed on the eaves of your house
    • This places undue pressure and extreme cold on the eaves, quickening the entire roof’s wear and tear
    • Ice dams, when left unattended, will wear down your sidings and cause paint peel
  • Taking a trip to your attic, the space is filled with condensation and mold
  • Your energy bill is unusually high in the winter and summer

From the above, it is easy to see how correcting your home’s ventilation system can greatly improve your quality of life and ease your finances. Count on the expertise of One Alliance Roofing to protect your home’s structural integrity.

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