Eavestroughs allow snow and water to flow correctly from your roof to the ground. One Alliance Roofing is experienced with the design, installation, cleaning and repair of eavestrough systems.

Comprehensive eavestrough services in the GTA

Eavestrough (more informally known as gutters) are instrumental in protecting your house from structural damage. They exist to redirect rainwater and snowfall into one place, instead of creating a “waterfall” at the eaves of your house. Those waterfalls may look cool at first, but besides serving as a free cold shower, consider the following:

  • If the waterfall is concentrated on a bed of soil, say goodbye to your flower garden
  • If the waterfall reaches the ground and splashes onto nearby walls, your walls/sidings can suffer both paint peel and water damage
    • Splashbacks also carry dirt onto your walls and windows, making for hair-pulling cleanups!
  • Water that falls near your foundation works its way into the masonry and creates basement mould, and in worse cases, the foundation itself will rot and fall apart

Simply put, the costs of neglecting your eavestrough are truly substantial.

For the eavestrough to properly do its job, the entire apparatus must be in good repair. It should also be regularly cleaned of dirt and debris. Besides serving as a defense against nature, a well-built and properly maintained eavestrough can also be used to reroute water to places where it is needed- be it a water tank, a dehydrated soil patch, or even your backyard pond.

Last but not least, the colour choice of your eavestrough can make or break the outside appearance of your house. Fortunately, with One Alliance Roofing, you’ve got options.

Count on the expertise of One Alliance Roofing to protect your home’s structural integrity. We are experienced with the cleaning and repair of existing eavestrough, as well as the design and implementation of new systems.

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